Anna Porter Public Library
Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Anna Porter Public Library


Strategic Plan – 2013 -2018

Adopted September 18, 2012

Modified 2014





Anna Porter Public Library, as both a virtual concept and a physical setting, is the vibrant center of the Gatlinburg community for self-education, civic engagement, and free exchange of information and ideas, by serving as both a conceptual gateway to entertainment and educational enrichment and as a physical destination for individual information gathering and recreation.




Anna Porter Public Library makes ideas and information accessible for people of all ages and educational and economic backgrounds in Gatlinburg and surrounding communities by providing a variety of information delivery formats for recreational, intellectual, cultural, educational, and occupational purposes.




            Gatlinburg is a resort community with a permanent population of over 5,000 people which can grow to approximately 35,000 when visitors are counted. To best describe such diversity, the population is divided into four groups:

  • Youth and families
  • Businesses and workers
  • Retirees and relocators
  • Visitors




Goals have been established to meet the needs and provide the administrative infrastructure necessary to fulfill the library’s mission for the four user groups.


Objectives are listed under each goal to measure ways in which progress toward achieving those goals will be ascertained within specific time-frames and measurable steps.








Goal 1 – APPL provides resources and materials in a readily accessible manner for persons of all ages and educational and economic backgrounds for recreational, intellectual, cultural, educational, and occupational purposes




  • ·         See Circulation increased by  10 %  including READS and TEL
  • ·        
  • ·         Weeded 7%. Added 8%
  • ·        
  • ·         Did upgrade.
  • ·         Focus on:
    • World History
    • Africa
    • Middle East – Pakistan and Afghanistan
    • Germany
    • Middle Ages
    • Hobbies/Collectibles
    • Sports and Games
    • Literature
    • Classics
    • Audios
    • Law/Crime
    • Social Issues – Women and Rape/Abuse
    • Christian Fiction
    • Teen Fiction
    • Computers
    • Graphic Novels
    • Remainder of popular author series completion



  • ·         See Circulation increased by  10 %  including READS and TEL
  • ·        
  • ·         Weed 5%, Add 5% annually
  • ·         Focus on:
    • Entertainment
    • Plants /Gardening
    • Health
    • Cooking
    • Transportation
    • Jobs, Careers, Business
    • Money Matter
    • Law and Crime
    • Education
    • Teen Fiction
    • Graphic Novels
    • Facts and Trivia
    • Remainder of series completion
  • ·         Develop teen programs and volunteer opportunities
    • Place rack cards with our college prepatory materials at GP
  • Have a trade section – do it yourself books
  • Move Travel??????
  • Weed from Agent?  Is it worth it? Replace APPL Agent contents with newly inventoried Apollo
  • Review the overdue procedures in the Procedures Manual complete


  • ·         Add $1000 worth of  Overdrive Advantage digital books to the collection
  • ·         Budget for adding typing,  resume-writing,  and job-seeking tutorial software or locate free web sites
  • ·         Budget to upgrade accounting (Quickbooks) software if necessary Complete
  • ·         complete
  • ·         complete
  • ·         Add dedicated computer with links to children’s web sites. complete




Goal 2 – APPL FACILITIES are a welcoming  virtual and physical environments fostering community spirit, individual enjoyment and personal growth, encouraging the use of library materials, and promoting the exchange of information about cultural, civic, and educational events held locally and throughout the country.





  • ·         The Disaster Plan reflects the cost of replacing all hardware and software
  • ·        
  • ·         Identify and budget for needed technology to establish a "Business Center".
  • ·        
  • ·         Purchase hardware/software for a listening center/Kid's Center for the children's section
  • ·        
    •  Next step: Mary Louise returns with a concept drawing



  • ·        
  • ·         Regular music in the café by invitation
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·         Purchase hardware/software for a listening center/Kid's Center for the children's section
  • Write a Disaster Plan for a board vote at the January meeting that reflects the cost of replacing all hardware and osftware
  • Assess improvements needed for exterior appearance.
  • Budget for improvements needed for interior appearance.
  • Put winning science exhibits on display.
  • Update Building Inventory and review insurance with the City .Need new inventory of library furnishings. Is the library insured for replacement costs of current worth of materials?
  • Investigate establishing a committee to for wall art in the Children’s area.

Goal 3- Information Delivery methods utilize a full range of equipment, technology, and programming to deliver full access to all information in an economically efficient manner.




  • Repeat Teacher Teens computer classes
  • Repeat Beginning Computer classes
  • Repeat Beginning Online Genealogy classes   Classes discontinued in favor of individual tutoring. “Book a Librarian” and “Wednesdays with Betty”
  • Initiate a summer theme program for all ages . Find the Geeks contest
  • Investigate need for purchase of Rosetta Stone software  TEL has equivalent digital access
  • Purchase hardware to put a listening center/kids center for the children’s section COMPLETE
  • The APPL web page is current. New Page “Online Resources”. “What’s Good Next” lists digital books purchased by APPL
  • ·         Initiate "APPL Online" computer classes
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·         Very Successful!





  • Continue very successful one on one tutoring for digital technology instead of any group classes
  • Review repeating the Cooking demos
  •  Increase usage of all online digital resources, Concentrate on Heritage Quest

-            Schedule speaking programs

  • Arrange for school web pages to link to APPL website
  • Initiate Lunch at the Library – 4 programs annually brown bag and/or evening program.
  • Try with Wednesdays with Betty?
  • Initiate regular field trips to the library for introducing kids to library services
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Pi Phi
  • Pittman Center
  • Caton's Chapel
  • ·         Continue to provide individual tutoring on use of computer technologies on demand
  • ·         Increase usage of Heritage Quest
  • ·         Add one PAC with assistive technology
  • Initiate Open House for teachers in August ??
  • Plan introduction of a program for local Spanish speakers  Committee?
  • Gather ideas for ways to get information to foreign students.  Committee??
  • Initiate program to produce reading lists, bibliographies and pathfinders that support early and ongoing literacy
  • Develop program to present when visited by students from the three local grade schools.
  • Target non-working mothers.
  • Develop list of community resources that offer tech services and resources.
  • Track eGovernment portals, community tech centers, tech programs


Goal 4 – APPL’s Smoky Mountain Collection is a destination point for residents, tourists, and researchers seeking information about Gatlinburg’s cultural and natural history.






  • Identify  proper storage, price, and budget for for  Blouin postcard collection and Weals, Jr. Photo Collection
  • Are flash drives proper storage?
  • Identify specific families regarding addition of their materials to the SMC
  • Add two sets of photos to the Convention Center gallery (20x24)
  • Have completed digitization of all photos currently  in the Smoky Mountain Collection  and print the index for public use.
  • Conduct inventory and identify gaps
  • Apply for grant to provide the means to incorporate the Vic Weals, Jr. photo collection to the Smoky Mountain Collection 
  • Develop plan for digitizing the Blouin Postcard Collection
  • contact specific families re addition of their materials to the SMC
  • Seek endowment type funding to enable regular and significant purchases for the SMC
  • Clarify postcard copyright issues.
  • Plan for organizing and preserving library historical images.
  • Identify, price and purchase if possible materials from archival storage of the historic  newspapers

in the collection

  • Identify and budget for census and newspaper material for Gatlinburg/Sevier County for inclusion in the collection in best available technology
  • ·        
  • ·         Complete digitization of all miscellaneous photos in the Smoky Mountain Collection


2014 – 2015


  • Consider a book contract for a postcard book using Blouin postcards if copyright issue is solved.
  • Budget for copying or purchasing gaps in the Smoky Mountain Collection
  • Complete identification of gaps in the Smoky Mountain Collection
  • ·        
  • ·         Complete digitization of all miscellaneous photos in the Smoky Mountain Collection
  • ·         If necessary, apply for a grant to incorporate digitization of the Blouin and Weals collections


Goal 5 – MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS  increase the use of the library by making the community aware of the library’s role as an entertainment center, medium for information retrieval, guide to use of information resources, exchange of local information. APPL known as Gatlinburg’s Public Information Utility



  • Write a Gatlinburg wikipedia site entry. No longer necessary.
  • Initiate a Summer Reading Program for teens and adults . Find the Geeks Contest
  • ·         Develop a brochure listing APPL's college prep resources to take to GP Complete
  • ·         Write a Gatlinburg Wikipedia entry  No longer necessary
  • ·        
  • ·         .
  • ·        
  • Add Peg Channel link to web site not possible
  • Do a new  PEG channel interview with Mike Werner  Kevin Tierney,complete
  • Utilize the Sevier County Education Channel NOT Possible




  • Gather and list ideas for ways to increase library visits.
  • Concentrate on marketing our technology.
  • Send stories and/or Letters to the Editor to the Mountain Press quarterly.
  • ·        
  • ·         Distribute the brochure further by putting a rack for APPL up at Food City, visitor centers and trolley racks Community Center,  and in relocation packets
  • ·         Initiate a  twice annual meeting  with school librarians
  • ·         A board member with specific school ties delivers APPL presentation to the PTAs at local schools
  • ·         Schedule to speak to local groups about library technology annually
    • Lodging Association
    • Homeowners associations
    • Attractions associations
    • Teachers at Pi Phi, G-P, and PC
    • Merchants Association
    • Garden Club
    • Rotary
    • Retired Citizen
  • Celebrate Children's Books Week, National Library Week and Teen Read Week
  • Investigate with banks the possibility of putting a flyer into bank statements for delivery by zip codes.
  • Initiate PR for all government services offered by APPL and Vicki as Notary and READS and circulating ereaders and READS etc
  • Web page option for anonymous comments
  • Take a 5-Year Report to City Commission in Fall, 2014 Put winning science exhibits on display
  • Consider feasibility of a Teen Adv Board can help us celebrate Teen Read Week in October 2014
  • Put winning history exhibits on display
  • Start a Did You Know series on Chan 4


Goal 6 – Administration that manages the library proactively in order to provide information in a timely manner to meet all patrons’ needs by maintaining clear procedures for efficient material process sing, management, and planning for future needs through continuing education and participation in professional organizations




  • Due to absence of a Technology Coordinator and  concentration on “Geek the Library”  all Administrative goals are moved to  2014-2015
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        




  • Continue improvements to Procedure Manual. Focus on computer maintenance and ensure that 1) all staff are trained in all computer maintenance procedures, and 2) network security practices are reviewed annually for updates and patches.
  • Budget 10% for Materials ($21,321)
  • ·         Collect images and plan development of PowerPoint Presentations for three purposes:

General presentations to local organizations. [Kenton, as scheduled] Five -year report to City Commission Fall 2014

  • ·          
  • ·         Meet with interested board members to discuss the Long Range Plan 2013-2018 and "About Anna Porter Public Library"
  • Incorporate "What Do You Know About You’re the Library Building"
    • ·         Send to City a budget that has salaries commensurate with comparable city positions ??
    • ·         Include Public Relations/marketing in annual budget
    • ·         Improve statistics for use of digital resources
    • ·          Develop a teen volunteer/ Teen Advisory Board program
    • ·        
  • ·         Conduct a complete collection inventory and adjust the online catalog appropriately
  • ·        
  • ·         Upgrade inventory of furnishings for insurance purposes
  • ·         Have staff check each link on APPL web page
  • ·         Annually review network security practices for updates and patches
  • ·         Develop process for computer system recovery as part of a Disaster Plan
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·        
  • Budget for annual salary increase based on satisfactory score in annual review
  • Arrange for writing a Disaster Plan.
  • Should have an Annual Audit -


  • ·        

- Computer inventory attached

- Software inventory attached

- Telecommunications equipment inventory attached

- Other technology services attached

  • ·        
  • ·         Review the Technology Plan as part of the Strategic Plan annually




From Technology Plan



Technology is here defined as the electronic equipment, computer software, wiring and building adjustments needed to support technological innovations in information management and delivery as the library improves services to its four user groups and its infrastructure through 2016 and beyond.


Since the use of telecommunications and information technology is necessary to meet all goals supporting the mission of Anna Porter Public Library, plans for its use are included in the measurable objectives within each goal category. This Technology Plan provides more details to show how technology will be funded, supported, and utilized to support specific objectives.






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