Vicki Clinton

  • Vicki is our Notary and Inter-Library Loan coordinator
  • Vicki enjoys books of all catagories
  • She enjoys reading a variety of book styles and watching PBS and Drama's
  • Her out of work hobby includes working on and viewing art of all styles.
  • Her heroes include her children and grandchildren.

Kaila Clark

  • Kaila is our Smoky Mountian Collection Coordinator .
  • Kaila enjoys reading To Kill a Mockingbird and material related to Teddy Roosevelt, and watching Downton Abbey and Stranger Things
  • Her interests vary from art and history, as well as film studies and photography
  • Some of Kaila's hobbies include Photography and Film Studies
  • She admires her Mother and Abraham Lincoln

Kelsey Collins

  • Kelsey is the Director of Anna Porter and its staff.
  • She enjoys reading fantasy books such as Harry Potter and anything by Sarah J. Maas. She also enjoys the dry humor style of essayist David Sedaris. 
  • Her favorite tv series are Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and Stranger Things.
  • Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys hiking and cardio.
  • Kelsey is described as energetic, ambitious, and optimistic.
  • Some of Kelsey's heroes include the fictional character Leslie Knope and author J.K. Rowling.

Logan Tippitt

  • Logan is the Assistant Library Director and IT & Technical Services Director.
  • Non-Fiction and Sci-Fi/Fantasy are a favorite read and Logan enjoys watching Horror movies and Sitcoms.
  • Outside of work Logan enjoys being a family man and playing Board Games and War Games.
  • Co-workers describe Logan as honest, knowledgeable, and easy-going.
  • Logan's heroes include JFK and Teddy Roosevelt.

Hayden Miller

  • Hayden is a Library Assistant here at Anna Porter
  • Hayden typically reaches for Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, such as The Wheel of Time or The Belgariad
  • Rick & Morty and Psych are some television shows Hayden enjoys
  • Outside of work, Hayden enjoys TableTop and Video Games
  • Hayden's heroes include Robin Williams and Steve Irwin