Established in 1932, Anna Porter Public Library has changed locations in its ongoing evolution, settling down in its new home at 158 Proffitt Rd in 2009. Presently it is administrated by Kelsey Collins as Director, a graduate from UT Knoxville with a Masters Degree in Information Science.

Logan Tippitt

  • Logan is the IT and Technical Services Coordinator.
  • Non-Fiction and Sci-Fi/Fantasy are a favorite read and Logan enjoys watching Horror movies and Sitcoms.
  • Outside of work Logan enjoys being a family man and playing Board Games and War Games.
  • Co-workers describe Logan as honest, knowledgeable, and easy-going.
  • Logan's heroes include JFK and Teddy Roosevelt 

Kelsey Collins

  • Kelsey is the Director of Anna Porter and its staff.
  • She enjoys reading fantasy books such as Harry Potter and anything by Sarah J. Maas. She also enjoys the dry humor style of essayist David Sedaris. 
  • Her favorite tv series are Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and Stranger Things.
  • Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys hiking and cardio.
  • Kelsey is described as energetic, ambitious, and optimistic.
  • Some of Kelsey's heroes include the fictional character Leslie Knope and author J.K. Rowling.

Jenna Bush

  • Jenna is our Youth Services Coordinator.
  • As a library employee Jenna enjoys reading Youth Fiction, and Graphic Novels. She enjoys watching Parks and Recreation and Asian Dramas such as Ashes of Love.
  • Outside of work Jenna likes to read, sing and enjoys being a parent!
  • Jenna enjoys puzzles and parenting for her hobbies.
  • Co-workers describe her as compassionate, insightful and friendly.
  • Someone that Jenna admires is Lauren Daigle.

Vicki Clinton

  • Vicki is our Library Assistant
  • Vicki enjoys books of all catagories
  • She enjoys reading a variety of book styles and watching PBS and Drama's
  • Her out of work hobby includes working on and viewing art of all styles.
  • Her heroes include her children and grandchildren.

Kaila Clark

  • Kaila is our Smoky Mountian Collection Coordinator .
  • Kaila enjoys reading To Kill a Mockingbird and material related to Teddy Roosevelt, and watching Downton Abbey and Stranger Things
  • Her interests vary from art and history, as well as film studies and photography
  • Some of Kaila's hobbies include Photography and Film Studies
  • She admires her Mother and Abraham Lincoln