Anna Porter Public Library
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Anna Porter Public Library

Acquisition and Processing Procedures

July 2, 2015


 First:  The Catalog Record

To open Apollo contact Kenton Temple directly at (865)436-5588


Edit Records

Import Biblio Record

Search Other Libraries

            Use ISBN first or “Title Starts With” next.

            Choose correct and best record.  Watch for different publication dates and different editions and different publishers.

The chosen information populates the form. If any information is duplicated delete the blue one.

 Check the book for a donation plate in the front. Ignore following if no plate.

If there is a donation plate click Add Subject.

In the box on the right in the top drop down box choose:  690: Local Subject. Enter.

Fill in the appropriate information in this format: 1) DONATION -  Andy Nasisse 1998 or 2) MEMORIAL -  John Smith from Ruby Smith or 3) HONORARIUM – John Smith from Ruby Smith.

Click Add Term.

At the top of that box click Create

On the left side of the same box see the entry as it will look. Above that click Attach Selected

Click “Save with Selected Options”


Put a small check mark in pencil on the donation plate in the book (if there is one)


Second:  Enter Holdings

 To enter Holdings

 On the top right click Add Holding

 Delete the material number that is inserted automatically

In that space type in the numbers on the barcode and affix the barcode to the book. All Arrowmont bar codes have 14 digits and will begin with 3APOR1....

 Enter the Call Number as it appears on the book.

 Change the Type to Arrowmont.

Change the Fund to Arrowmont

Change the Location to Arrowmont

Change the Status to Active

Click Save